Company Story

While working at a (not named) fulfillment company in MN the two founders met. Feeling disillusioned with the way this fulfillment company handled their clients, they both secured employment to yet another fulfillment company. There again they felt discouraged to see how the quality of service did not meet their standards. After speaking with some of the disillusioned clients they had contact with, they were encouraged by these clients to create a fulfillment company of their own to show how fulfillment really should be done.

Innovative Processing, Inc. was born from this encouragement in 1998 and has flourished ever sense. Keeping to the company's original mottos:

"Nothing will be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome."

The company continues to grow throughout the years with many referrals. The company is very proud of this fact. Referrals after all are the best source of growth for any company. It means you have satisfied the customers you work with.